What to do when water is leaking from the bottom of the microwave

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Key Takeaways
  • Unplug your microwave to turn off the power.
  • Clean all traces of water around the microwave.
  • Check that the water has not travelled to areas that could cause concern such as other electrical appliances.
  • Ensure foods and liquids in a microwave a properly covered and not over filled when heating.

Technology has helped humans in many ways. One of the most important ways is in food preservation. The microwave is known for its efficiency in heating food that has been stored for later consumption. However, just like every other device in existence, it has its faults. That said, whenever your microwave is leaking, what do you do?

When your microwave is leaking, you should clean all traces of water around and in the microwave. Also, you should develop the habit of covering food that steams a lot when it is heated in the microwave. Finally, endeavor to cover pots with boiling water or food that has a lot of water. 

I have had a leaking microwave several times. The experience was frustrating, especially when the environment around the appliance often got damp. However, when I tried out some methods, the leaking stopped.

Read on to find out these methods and learn more about why the leaks happen and how to check them.

Why water is leaking from a microwave and how to stop it

Many users of the microwave appliance have complained bitterly about the leaking of the device. However, this occurrence is majorly a fault from you, the user, or due to natural action. Therefore, if you wonder why your microwave is leaking, you’ll need to look out for some simple, ignorant actions.  

A significant reason water could be leaking from your microwave is due to a process called condensation. Condensation is a term that explains the cooling of water vapor back into liquid. This process is a natural one. 

Whenever you heat food with a lot of moisture in your microwave without a lid on, you must have observed something. There is usually a lot of water in the appliance. Well, that is condensation. 

If your microwave is leaking due to condensation, there is a simple thing you can do.

First, it would help if you made it a habit to cover containers before putting them in the microwave to heat the food in them. Always clean the interior and exterior parts of the microwave after use.

You can use a water-soaking cloth to clean up all the water droplets. 

Microwaves can also leak due to condensation from outside it. For instance, when cooking food with a lot of water, water vapor may settle on the body of the microwave or sneak in. This happens mostly when the cooking is done around the appliance. 

To prevent leaks due to external condensation, avoid cooking steamy food near a microwave. If you can’t avoid cooking near the microwave, then ensure to cover the pot or container used for cooking. 

In addition, another reason your microwave is leaking could be poor maintenance. This reason is due to negligence on your part. After using the microwave, we forget to clean food particles that may have dropped in it most of the time. Leaving these food particles invites microorganisms. 

Microorganisms are everywhere and ever hungry. They, therefore, feed on these food particles in the microwave and cause the device to decay. This decay then leaves holes and causes leaks.

How to solve this problem? Simply clean your microwave immediately after use. If the microwave has already decayed and needs repair, contact a home appliance fixing agency near you or consider getting a new one. 

Another reason your microwave is leaking could be that the vents are blocked. Every microwave has a part known as the vents. The function of this part is to dispel moisture from the appliance. Therefore, when the vents are blocked, moisture can not leave. As a result, water will accumulate and begin to leak. 

Vents are usually blocked by dirt, another home appliance, an object, or a wall. To prevent the vents from getting clogged, position your microwave in an open space. Once again, it would help to clean your microwave to prevent dirt from compiling and eventually blocking the vents. 

Is it normal for a microwave to leak?

Seeing your microwave leak, especially when you are an appliance lover like myself, is a very heart-wrenching experience. You begin to question your responsibility and scan your memory for possible faults. As a result, you calculate all the potential expenses of fixing it or buying a new one. 

However, it is pretty typical for a microwave to leak. Even though it is sometimes due to an irresponsible act, it is a very regular occurrence. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing to freak out about. Still, it would be best if you took immediate action to stop the leaking once it is noticed.

Checking for water leaks in a microwave

It is essential to always access your appliances regularly. Moreover, if you don’t access your microwave, how will you know when it needs to be serviced? 

Checking for water leaks in your microwave is no big deal. Whenever it is not in use, you can check the exterior part of the microwave for any form of moisture. You can also listen for sounds of water dripping if you can’t see any sign of moisture. 

Another excellent method is to look for moisture on the surface where you placed the microwave. If there is no liquid dripping, but the area around it is wet, there’s a temporal leak. Moreover, temporary leaks still need to be checked and handled even if the moisture is dried up.

A microwave is a straightforward home appliance to handle. However, despite how easy it is to run, you need to take proper care of it to avoid faults. Faults in microwaves like leaks are almost inevitable. Nevertheless, you can prevent them with utmost care. 

Water leaks are not particularly dangerous to you, but they may cause damage to the microwave. Also, if you don’t want to trip in your kitchen due to a water spill, you should fix a leak. 

Therefore, you must inspect your microwave before making use of it. In fact, it would be best to make sure your home appliance is in perfect shape for you to get the ideal result and experience.