How Much Colder is The Basement Than the Main Floor?

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Temperature varies in many homes, and this depends on where we build them. If you build your home near a desert, you’ll feel extremely hot during the middle of the day and possibly cooler at night.

This is also applicable to your basement, which is usually cooler due to its location. Many homeowners ask how much colder is the basement than the main floor.

Key TakeawayS
  • Your basement can have a large difference in temperature in contrast to the main floors in your home.
  • This difference is the result of poor ventilation, exposure to moisture, and lack of sunlight and solar heat. It is also because it is constructed underground and this increases the chance of it being colder. 

The cold air from the basement can spread throughout the basement and into the house if you do not control it. How the basement is constructed – whether insulation is used, what moisture controls are in place, if there is built-in heating – all play into how much a difference the temperature will be to the main floors.

Are you a homeowner that owns a basement? Would you like to know why your basement is often colder than the main floor? Well then, read further as we get into the details.

Why is my Basement Colder than the Main Floor?

Basements are usually cold, due to its location and the conditions it is subjected to. Your main floors tends to be brighter and warmer because they’re exposed to sunlight and fresh air. 

Similarly, buildings constructed above ground are warmer than those constructed underground. It will always feel warmer at the top floor of a multi-story building as heat rises. 

Your basement will feel cooler during warmer seasons. If your basement is subjected to dirt, water, darkness, and poor ventilation, it is likely this will decrease the temperature of the space.

Reasons for a Cold Basement 

Basements are considered a great asset to a home due to their ability to store and house many items. But, it can also turn out to be as cold as a refrigerator in certain climates.

Here are some of the reasons behind a cold basements:

  • Moisture: This is one of the main reasons why your basement feels colder than other parts of your home. Water seeps through open holes on the floor, which makes your floor damp.
    This occurrence makes the space cold with time, and it promotes the growth of mold and mildew. However, you can avoid this by sealing up the holes. You can also add a dehumidifier which will help to reduce the moisture content of your basement. 
  • Lack of fresh air/poor ventilation: this is one thing most basements are deprived of. Windows are mostly shut, and doors are closed, which prevents the passage of fresh/natural air. You can rectify this by opening up windows (if you have any) and allowing the free flow of natural air. 
  • Lack of solar heat: Your main floor is usually clean and free to receive sunlight. However, your basement doesn’t get the same treatment, and it’s left without proper attention. This is the main reason your basement is often colder than your main floor. 
    Your basement only receives less supply of sunlight and solar heat. Nonetheless, you can still let in sunlight and get rid of the cold. You can also install a heater to heat your basement and reduce the cold, thereby spreading warmth throughout your basement.
  • Underground temperature: The ground itself, underground, is much cooler in temperature on hot day. This underground temperature contributes to cooling and keeping cool a basement space.

How do I Fix my Cold Basement?

Many people prefer the cold to heat, but when the cold becomes a little too much, then it becomes a problem. There are many ways of getting rid of the cold in your basement, below are some of them:

  • Ensure your basement is adequately insulated: installing insulation is one of the best ways to reduce cold in your basement. Spray foam insulation is one kind of insulation that you can use in your basement. 
  • Consider a fireplace: a fireplace warms and heats your basement. Therefore, increasing the temperature of your basement will make it more comfortable. 
  • Replace old and rusty windows: in most cases, this is mainly the reason for the chill in your basement. Ensure to get new and quality windows that will prevent the cold in your basement.
  • Seal up holes and leakages: always endeavor to seal up any holes or leakages that could lead to the passage of cold air and moisture.
  • Install a different heating system: you can purchase new heaters and install them. This option will help you to keep the floor dry and remove all the cold in your basement.
  • Decór: you can add some light by decorating your basement, adding furniture, curtains, and colors. This activity will help create a warmer and inviting atmosphere. 

If you are renovating your basement entirely and the temperature is an important issue for you make sure to get the basics right during construction. Putting in place appropriate insulation, airflow and heating systems will go a long way in making it a pleasant and enjoyable area.