Is Crown Molding Still Popular?

Crown molding has been used to increase home aesthetics for ages. There is always an exquisiteness and elegance that it adds to any room or house it is in. It is almost like a magical face lifter that easily appeals to the eyes. With all these accolades, is crown molding still popular? 

Crown molding is still popular and in use across the world. It is a house trim of choice that is ancient and timeless. It has always beautified houses since the ancient times of the Greeks and it is still doing more of the same today.

Many decades and even centuries have passed since crown molding was first used. This does not mean that it has faced out in relevance. Let me tell you more about its usage and improvements in this modern time.

What is Crown Molding?

It is possible you have been living in a house for months and not know it has crown folding. Or you may probably not know that is what the name is. Crown molding is a decorative finishing that is used for different parts of a building. 

It is commonly used for interior walls at the point where the wall meets the ceiling. It is usually used at the top of a room and that is what brought the name ‘Crown.’ It can be used at other parts of a building like cabinets, windows, and doors. 

In ancient times, crown moldings have been made with hard materials like stones and ornamental rocks. Wood has been a usual material for crown moldings. As technology advances, more flexible materials are being used. 

Nowadays, plastics, foams, and medium-density fiberboards are more common options. The materials are easier to manipulate. The materials available now are easy to fix and you can fix them yourself. 

Crown moldings were originally used at the places where building parts meet to cover up the joining. This purpose is still retained but has been complemented with beautification. This is why the moldings are usually used at the points where building parts meet.

Is Crown Molding in Style in 2022?

I have once said in this article that crown folding is ancient and at the same time timeless. There are now several things that can be used to beef up the appearance of homes. But nothing can take the place of crown molding. 

There is always going to be a way to add crown molding to your home in 2022 if you want it. The variety of trims available is making it seem like one is out of fashion. There are modern touches that have been added to crown molding. Though it has been around for ages, it also adapted with time to fit into current styles.

Do Modern Homes use Crown Molding?

Many buildings have been built several years ago fitted with crown moldings. But are there new buildings with crown molding? It is all a matter of choice. Many new homes are still having moldings installed.

Modern materials are being used and this has made the installation cheaper and easier. You only need to find a new way to style it. Crown molding is simple, yet always has a big impact on giving a finished look to homes. 

What are Modern Trends in Crown Molding?

The way of life of man has always been affected by the changes in times, knowledge, and technology. The way man communicated centuries ago is not the same way it is done today. There are more digital means.

There has been a great change from the way houses were built years ago to how they are done now. Amid all these changes, there have been advances in the way crown molding is used and styled in homes. This is why it has remained in style despite its age.

Are you looking for new trends in crown folding? Here are few ones that you can make use of:

1.  Patterns and Shapes: one of the ways that crown molding has stayed relevant is the different shapes and patterns it can now have. It usually comes as vertical and horizontal lines at the edges of buildings. Crown moldings are now in various shapes and patterns to add glamour to your home.

2.  Lighted Crown Moldings: Due to the improvement in the type of materials used, crown moldings are now able to illuminate. There are moldings fitted with lights to add an extra spark to every home.

3.    Flexible Crown Moldings: From rigid and hard materials, crown moldings are now flexible. Curved rooms are not left out of the good that crown moldings have to offer. Materials like polyurethane 

4.  Removable Crown Moldings: Yes, you can choose to remove them and make some adjustments to your home. PVC crown molding is an example of a removable type.

5.  Baseboard Styles: Around the ceiling used to be the place for crown moldings until baseboard styles came. The base of your home can now be adorned with adorable moldings.

Does Crown Molding Increase Home Value?

With the advancement in style and usage of crown moldings, it can increase home value considerably. This is a shot for someone looking to sell a house. It could be an old building you are planning to cash in on. I will tell you that aesthetics is a sure way to increase your asking price.

Crown molding added in the right places and the right amounts is a good investment. Either it is an apartment you want to sell or where you live, it is worth the addition. When you use an appropriate width painted rightly, it will make the rooms appear bigger.

Is crown molding still popular? Yes, it is still very popular and it is now in many variants and forms. There have been remarkable advances in the designs and patterns of crown molding. This has made it remain a top choice for improving the beauty of homes. It is now about choosing what style you want to go with.